Ownat suggests different and varied ways to enrich the environment of your best friend at home, such as providing things like scratching posts, interactive toys, shelves to climb and comfortable rest areas. Things that can improve the quality of life of your cat. Are you ready to hear more?

Although cats are certainly very independent animals, we must bear in mind that they also need to be stimulated to stay physically and mentally healthy. Here, as a human, you have a very important role to play! Let's start with some tips and ideas that will make it very, very easy.

Toys are great! Our dear cat friends need to play and exercise, so you must create an interactive play space with toys that stimulate their hunting instinct (feathers, balls or mice and other animals that encourage them to chase, catch and hunt). Along with these well-known options, it is worth considering a scratching post or cat tree; these are perfect for climbing, sharpening nails and resting. Very important! To keep your cat's interest you can rotate the toys, every two weeks or so. You can act smart by putting some of them into storage and taking out those you stored before. This will stop them from getting bored 😊.

Lookout refuges. By now you will surely have realized that your cat loves to have its special place (where it won't be disturbed) to relax and comfortably observe what's going on around them. What can you do to create an ideal space? Fluffy beds, soft blankets or cushions in strategic locations around the house, such as near windows or on raised shelves (you know how much your cat loves to be in control, both inside and out). 

Mental stimulation is very important. Get them interactive toys that challenge their minds a little (like food or treat dispensers with a puzzle to them). These particular toys enhance their ability to solve problems, and you can't begin to imagine how long this will keep you both entertained! 

Spend time with your cat. Even if you have a thousand different toys, there's nothing quite like a human. Try to dedicate a few minutes a day to playing with your cat. You can use toys that move and somehow pretend to be the prey. The best of all? It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You will strengthen your bond with your cat and provide it with the necessary exercise (in addition to boosting its hunting instinct). 

Cats are passionate about windows. One of the things that cats enjoy the most is observing what’s going on in the outside world. Have you noticed? If you have a window, put a shelf or platform near it for your cat to climb and watch everything that happens in the street (cars, birds, insects, etc.). This will make your cat very happy. For cats, this is an unbeatable experience 😊.