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Only fresh meat
Only fresh meat
Dogs and cats are originally carnivorous and therefore need a diet rich in protein of animal origin.  Fresh meats provide the proteins with the highest nutritional value. For this reason, at Ownat AUTHOR we only use fresh meat and fish and in large quantities (60%). With this, we also achieve that between 70% and 85% of the total protein is of animal origin. For each recipe, we have selected the best meat and fish, always fresh, to ensure the highest nutritional quality, a high degree of digestibility or, what is the same, the best use of its nutrients, as well as an incomparable flavor and appetite appeal.
No meat meals
No meat meals
Almost all extruded products incorporate meat meals (also called dehydrated meats) as the main protein source.However, the process of high temperatures and pressures used in the preparation of meat meals causes these proteins to lose part of their original nutritional value. At Ownat Author we do not use any type of previously processed meat (meat meals) replacing it completely with fresh meats to ensure that all its natural freshness and all its original nutritional value arrive intact until the exact moment of cooking, thus guaranteeing an easier food to digest, of exceptional nutritional quality and with an incomparable flavor.
With superfoods
We also incorporate SUPERFOODS such as blueberries, goji berries, chia seeds, turmeric or devil's claw into all our recipes, which provide different beneficial effects for the health of animals such as digestive properties, antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, etc.

We are transparent: in the composition of our recipes, we detail all the ingredients used and clearly highlight which of these are natural. With total reliability and transparency. And as always, no preservatives, colourants or artificial additives (that do not add nutritional or functional value to the product).

We are a cooperative located in a region extraordinarily rich in agricultural and livestock resources. Thanks to our commitment to nearby suppliers, we obtain a large part of the essential natural ingredients (such as meats, fruits, vegetables, cereals) always fresh, local, of unmatched quality and with all their nutritional value intact, to prepare our delicious recipess.
OWNAT AUTHOR represents a very significant technological leap that is only achievable by very few brands.
Our star recipes would not be possible without the appropriate technology enabling us to obtain a kibble based solely on fresh meat, without the presence of meat meals. With it, we directly include fresh meat, in high proportions, without breaking the cold chain at any time. One of the great advantages of this technology is that it enables a more natural cooking, with a greater amount of steam, to maintain the highest original nutritional qualities of the ingredients. Likewise, our technology determines the exact cooking point of carbohydrates so that they can be correctly processed by animals' digestive enzymes.

Improving the well-being, health and happiness of our beloved four-legged relatives is what has moved us in everything we have been doing during these more than forty years. This has been our true obsession and illusion, to see our dogs and cats healthy and happy. And today, as a result of all the accumulated experience, of the incorporated technological advances, and of our concern for permanent improvement, we can offer the most advanced in dry food for the best nutrition of dogs and cats. I am very proud to make OWNAT AUTHOR available to your pets, the best we have ever made.
The most exclusive range
OWNAT AUTHOR is a range aimed at the most demanding dog and cat owners, those looking only for the best for their pet.

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