What makes the Classic range a different and unique option in the premium sector is the use of real fresh meat and natural ingredients in their recipes. This was something that was reserved for only higher priced ranges until now, but which Ownat wanted to make more accessible, so that you can always give the best food to your pet.


Prepared with natural ingredients and fresh meat, the complete and balanced formulations provide all the essential nutritional components in the right proportions that are essential for proper development and wellbeing of dogs and cats. Therefore, Ownat Care is very suitable as a daily feed for your pet.


With the finest natural ingredients, high ratios of fresh meats and a limited cereals content, which are always whole grain, we prepare our recipes by cooking them very slowly at a low temperature to achieve the maximum nutritional quality and an exceptional digestibility.


Ownat Author is the most advanced kibble variety available, made SOLELY with fresh meat (60%), NO meat meal (dehydrated meat) and more than 90% of natural ingredients. All this is only possible thanks to 40 years of experience combined with today’s most avant-garde technology.


Ownat Wetline is a new proposal of Wet Food made with 100% natural ingredients. We only use fresh natural ingredients of proximity and with all its nutritional value intact, with high percentages of fresh meat and fish, complemented with vegetables and with medicinal plants that provide different health benefits of your pets. All this elaborated in a very respectful way The result is a product of exceptional quality and incredible flavor for the most demanding palates to enjoy.

OWNATGrain Free

Ownat Grain Free offers you a whole world of options in cereal free food. Various product ranges, different percentages of fresh meat and available across a range of prices. A large number of varieties for dogs and cats based on their breed, age or physical condition, as well as varieties focussing on specific needs, such as intolerances and allergies or sterilised animals.

Ownat Grain Free is a nutritional alternative that mimics the diet that a dog or a cat living in full freedom in nature would spontaneously follow, as closely as possible and for which their bodies are already prepared.